Hi, my name is Harry Andrews and i am one of the Directors of Park Edge Management company elected to serve on behalf of all Shareholders of Park edge Estate. I retired in 2010 after working at the University of Leeds for over 20 years where i helped in the Estates Maintenance Department, assisting with supervision of staff.

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Brief History 

We put ourselves forward to become Directors of Park Edge Management co. in May 2013 and since that time the newly appointed Directors have made many changes in the way the Company was run. We started off with a service charge of £60.00 per month and this has now been reduced to £35.00 per month (January 2017). We had to discontinue the Property Insurance policy after taking legal advice in that liabilities would not have been met, had a large claim been put forward, in other words the existing policy was flawed, so for this reason home owners were advised to obtain their own insurance policies. Residential home building and contents insurance can be be obtained at a cost of £10.00 per month (John Lewis), therefore overall savings 0f £15.00 per month (£180.00 per annum) is achieved on the new service charge in force now. Hopefully the presently set service charge will be maintained over a long period of time without any increase in the near future. This has been achieved due to the fact that we as home owners hold the Freehold  to the properties, thereby making it possible to self govern and make important budget decisions/cuts where necessary.

Works carried out by the present Board of Directors since May 2013.

  1. Re-roofed all garage blocks with appropriate guarantees (see Garages page).
  2. The main communal drains passed to Yorkshire Water to undertake any blockages, whereas these were paid for from our budget in the past.
  3. A new competitively priced gardening contract taken out with Temple View Nurseries.
  4. Neglected communal areas of the estate makeovers carried out as a ongoing project.
  5. Spraying of garage doors to a white colour agreed at the AGM May 2017 (completed)
  6. Reducing service charge from £60 per month, down to £35 per month.
  7. Created our own Website to be able to contact the Directors via the contact page and view general information about the estate.
  8. Fencing replaced on the boundary adjoining The Whitehouse, and wire fencing replaced at the top end near the boundary with LCC (Lake side).

Please Note: The gas contract was removed by the previous board of directors.

Introduction circular for new buyers on Park Edge Close:


Yorkshire Water (Shared Drain problems ie Manhole cover area Blockages) Telephone: 03451242424