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Grit bins

Note there are 4 grit bins around our estate, please feel free to use this facility for icy and slippery surfaces due to cold weather. There are shovels provided in each bin.

Dogs roaming on the estate

There has been a report of 3 dogs roaming around the estate where one of the dogs was barking at residents, who felt really threatened. This is unacceptable particularly as there are young children who would be more vulnerable to this sort of attack. We strongly urge all dog owners at Park Edge close to keep their dogs on a lead at all times.

If you have been threatened by a dog on our estate in any way, you can report your concerns to the Dog Warden Service by calling 0113 222 4406 (Leeds City Council).

Thank You for your cooperation.

Neighbourhood watch

A couple of Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators have alerted me to two scams doing the rounds. One a variation on the Microsoft one. People are being emailed and told their provider will close their account if contact made and they are advised to click on the link. The other purports to be an email from the TV Licence Authority, stating you are due a rebate and asking you to follow the link.

Do be very careful with any emails that have a link unless you are absolutely sure they are genuine. Even if you are not pulled into providing your details you may allow a virus into your system.

For further information please contact:

Diane Winder

Neighbourhood Watch Liaison

Leeds District

Elland Road, Leeds, LS11 8BU

Internal: 50242

External:  0113 3859442

Mobile:  07785293584

To report a crime, please ring 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency

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Adair Paxton’s proposed increase in management fees rejection.

A meeting took place on the 16th May 2017 by Park Edge Management Company’s board of directors, and it was unanimously resolved that we do not accept the increase in fees, proposed by Adair Paxton. We have a hands on approach where the majority of work is carried out by the directors whilst Adair Paxton service the accounts, and for this reason we have rejected a proposed increase from £3360 (current fee inc vat) to £4050 (proposed inc vat), which equates to over 20% rise for one year.

We have not received a reply from Adair Paxton to our rejection of the fee increase, so we assume that they have withdrawn this matter.