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Rats spotted around estate

We have had a recent report of a couple of big rats spotted just outside a residents window (on the odd numbered side) on the estate. Clearly this is caused by food been scattered outside on lawns, to feed cats or birds etc. Could we please ask all residents not to throw any food out in communal areas.

Thank you



Latest Telephone scam

A guy with an  Asian accent , rang my landline telephone on Saturday 24/02/2018, saying my broadband line is causing problems and it can be rectified by switching my PC on, and to follow his instruction. Said he was from BT Openreach and gave a name as “Mas”. When I pressed him for ID security details, he would not budge saying it’s against company rules. And he also said if I don’t cooperate he would disconnect my broadband for 24 days. At this stage i just hung up. Then I rang Plusnet my broadband provider, who told me they would have hacked into my account had I cooperated and steal banking details via having full control of my PC. BT have a couple of helpful links on their website about this too as follows, please click the following two links for further advice and details:—fraud-activities-or-scams




Playing football near garages

Could we ask all parents to watch out for their children playing football around garages as it has caused damage to rainwater downpipes and left marks on newly painted garage doors.

Please note any remedial work has to be paid for, out of company funds.

Thank you.

Grit bins

Note there are 4 grit bins around our estate, please feel free to use this facility for icy and slippery surfaces due to cold weather. There are shovels provided in each bin.