Bin collection days over Christmas period

Please see Black bin collection days over Christmas period. Normal bin services will continue until Saturday 22 December. From the table below our collection days change to Sunday 23 December, and Monday 31 December. Please leave bins out at 7am over this period.


If your normal bin day is…

Your collection days and dates will be…


Sunday 23 December

Monday 31 December


The service will return to normal on Monday 7 January.



Fly Tipping

Please be vigilant and watch out for any fly tippers, reporting to management or Leeds City Council any suspicious activity on the estate. Last Wednesday we had to pay to remove some garden rubbish that was dumped near the front, close to sand/salt bin. The following link is for reporting fly tipping.

or click the following link

Report Fly Tipping

Telephone scam

Please beware of recent telephone scam where a call is received from someone saying they are calling from BT and that someone is using your broadband connection also saying if you are a BT customer, press 1 or if another organisation press 2. If you receive this type of call please put the phone down immediately.

Communal area Insurance

Please note the Building Insurance referred to in the 2017 Accounts is  actually the Communal area Insurance, ie footpaths, trees, grassed areas. The accounts for end of 2018, will be amended to take this change into account.